Sunday, June 5, 2011


OK... so it has been a long time since my last post and now that my life has settled down just a bit so I think it is time to pick up this hobby that I have pushed to the side. A lot has happened sense my last post... some good and some sad but nothing that is horrible. I am now living in Murray Utah with 4 almost 5( Amy will be moving in, in a few weeks) wonderful girls that make life and being single kinda fun. I am still working at great job which I am learning more and more about every day.

For the last little while I have felt like I needed to get my SSW (social service worker) License. so at the end of January I put in my application to take the test. About the middle of February I received a letter saying that I was accepted to take the test and needed to do so within a year. Of course things happened that did not allow me to take it right away( i.e. speeding tickets, car accidents, moving out of my apartment, deaths in the family, more speeding tickets, and more car troubles, work trips to Florida etc...) So after a long 2 months of craziness I took a break to finally buckle down and study. Now when I say study I mean looking at the closed book every so often and complaining that I do not have enough time in my busy life to do everything I want let alone enough hours in the day to get it all done. So after the constant battle with time I gave up exercising and sleeping to find some time to study.

After much anxiety and not enough sleep. I took the test last Friday(6/3/2011). Can I just mention that it was the stupidest test anyone could take. I know I could not have done it on my own. My friend Jon came over the night before and gave me a blessing. Which really helped me with my anxiety and confidence.

Anyways I took the test and I PASSED. by the skin on my Teeth. I needed to get 99 out of 170 right in order to pass. But that is exactly what I did 99.

So I am Now Stacey Phillips SSW. YIPPY!! and I will never have to take that test again.

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